Why You Should Check Your Phone Less

◎ Sunglasses from Tom Ford

◎ Sunglasses from Tom Ford

Getting distracted by social media can cost us hours of our days.

Smart phones are meant to make our every day life simpler, to make tasks easier and to keep in touch with our loved ones. Our beloved iPhones should spare us time, yet we somehow waste hours by losing track of time by all the distractions that technology brings to the table.

As I am writing this, I have disabled all notification on my phone and I have the new iPhone “Screen Time” option on, yet I end up checking my phone every couple of minutes. I usually don’t keep track of time spent on my phone, and I don’t really reflect on my daily productivity, until it’s time to work on some of the less fun tasks at work. It is then that I realise that a 15-minute assignment can without too much of a stretch become a whole afternoon procrastination.

Here’s few tips I found online that can help to fight procrastination.

Rather than trying to keep up with all the notification, make priority to stay focused. This can obviously be a challenge, when such a large amount of DM’s, messages, tweets and pings are poking at your screen. This can be easily achieved by hiding your phone somewhere you can’t see it when working on a task (I found this to be the most effective way for me). This works whenever I’m focused doing something, but what about all those time when I’m checking my phone while waiting for the elevator, or walking to the store, or even brushing my teeth?

Avoiding to fill each moment of free time in your life with your phone is vital.

Every time you have less than five minutes of free time on your hands, fight the temptation to check your phone. In the end it’s about being more present regardless of all distractions.

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