Why Greenland Should Be Your Dream Travel Destination

◎Jacket by Colmar X AJLJ

◎Jacket by Colmar X AJLJ


I had the amazing opportunity to visit Greenland for the first time during Easter break. I spent a week in Sisimiut and I am still amazed by what I have learned about this incredible island. First we landed in Kangerlussuaq, to then take a smaller plane to Sisimiut. In Greenland, there are no streets between cities, so the only way to transport is either plane, boat or snow sled.


The weather has been amazing the whole week, so I managed to to a bunch of activities including riding snowmobiles, dog sled and cross-country ski. I even managed to get a tan.


We stayed at the only hotel in the city, they had the best food around and a pretty good breakfast too every morning. Everything that comest to Greenland is shipped by containers in large quantities, still I managed to find pretty much everything at the local grocery store (including tropical fruits and avocados).

◎ Jacket by Colmar X AJLJ

◎ Jacket by Colmar X AJLJ


Dog sled was a bumpy ride since sometimes the dogs get tangled in the ropes. The dogs are really cute tho, and seemed genuinely happy to be out and running in the nature. 


Last night we saw the northern lights. I still can't believe my eyes, and I think pictures don't even come close to show what truly incredible phenomenon it is. Ready for next trip – Thailand!