4 Ingredients To The Perfect Rooftop Party This Summer


Stockholm seems to have completely forgotten about spring and jumped straight into summer. The weather has been amazing for the past 2 weeks so me and my friends celebrated with a well-deserved rooftop hang fueled by Cava and Oysters. The amazing part of this is: we had no idea we had a rooftop in our building. We moved to our place during the winter, so we didn't think to go upstairs and check the attic, until about 2 weeks ago when we discovered this hidden gem. Read below the 4 Ingredients To The Perfect Party This Summer


1. cava sparkling wine


Sparkling wine is definitely one of my drinks of choice, and I have been always opting for Cava as the better Champagne alternative that won't break the bank. We drank Privat Cava, and since at the end of the day there weren't any bottles left, I can officially say it was a success!


2. Funny Straws And Tiny Umbrellas


When in doubt - always buy funny straws and tiny umbrellas! Although it might not be the optimal way to drink sparkling wine, it is definitely more fun. We had a bunch of these retro straws on the table that we bought at Flying Tiger, haven't seen any of those since I was a kind and it was a must have in all various coloured shakes. Life pro tip bonus: didn't have a cooler so I had to improvise. I bought a huge plastic box from an hardware store and I filled it with 4kg of ice, it worked like a charm!


3. Oysters and Sriracha sauce

IMG_6771 1.jpg

Just as the sun was setting and the air got a bit chillier, we took off to the store nearby and bought some oysters. We also fired up the grill and cooked few sausages, as well as throwing few oysters on it. Didn't have tabasco at home so we tried Sriracha sauce on them: a must try for those who like oysters.




A party wouldn't be a party without any music! We sat on the roof until dark listening to all kind of music: from Drake old classics to Phoenix and everything in between. I have been listening to a lot of summer vibes electronic music recently, so I have started this playlist that I will be updating the whole summer with my favourite music. You can listen below.

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