5 Reasons Why Staying At Miss Clara Hotel Is A Great Idea


This weekend I stayed at Miss Clara Hotel by Nobis in Stockholm for a little staycation. It's been a week since I came back from my trip to Thailand and I have been working non stop since then, felt like a well deserved weekend! There are many reasons why I fell in love with Miss Clara Hotel, here are my top 5 reasons why staying at Miss Clara Hotel is a great idea.


1. the brunch


We arrived at Miss Clara Hotel around 2pm after we spent the morning at some friend's place, the sun was shining in Stockholm and I couldn't wait to get some late lunch and a drink in the sun! I ordered a steak tartare and Sangria (which felt appropriate because of the mediterranean weather).


2. the room


Tall windows, dark wood floors, a lounge chair and king size bed: the room has all the perks for complete relax. I spent the afternoon catching up on my emails and retouching some pictures, and I opened a bottle of red wine in preparation for the evening.

3. the neapolitan pizza in bed


Pizza is everything, and growing up in Italy I've had my share of really good ones, which is sometimes hard to find abroad. Miss Clara Hotel's pizza restaurant Giro offers a traditional Neapolitan pizza with imported ingredients and classic recipes. Being gluten intolerant, I struggle to find gluten-free pizza alternatives (except maybe the frozen ones at the store). Pizzeria Giro offers an amazing gluten-free pizza, hard to tell apart from the real deal, so I had to double up and had it for dinner 2 nights in a row.


We eventually were done with out little pizza photoshoot so we jumped under the bedsheets and ate the pizza watching kid's cartoons. I had a "Napoletana" Pizza while Hanna had a "Quattro Formaggi"

IMG_5995 1.jpg

4. the byredo toiletries


Even though I'm not a skincare fanatic, I do appreciate a good moisturisers and nice perfumes. Byredo has been my safe choice of perfumes since long ago, and I was really happy to see find Bal D'Afrique toiletries in the bathroom (which matches my Byredo parfume). 

5. The Breakfast

IMG_6014 1.jpg

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Miss Clara Hotel's breakfast doesn't disappoint. A breakfast buffet with something for everyone, Miss Clara Hotel offers freshly baked breads and gluten-free options, homemade granola as well as homemade jams. Hanna baked her waffles in the waffle maker while I went for the gluten free cupcakes.


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